Find your Find by Foxsmart without sounding the Alarm

Find by Foxsmart is the only tracking device worldwide, which has a silent search mode. What does this mean?

You might find yourself in a situation when sounding the Alarm is not the right option in that particular moment. You could have left your eyewear in the living room where Grandpa is having his afternoon nap or you could have left them in your child’s room where your baby is sleeping. You really don’t want to risk waking Grandpa or your baby. That could spell ‘trouble’ for you.

Does this mean that you have to live without your glasses? Not if you have a Find by Foxsmart Eyewear Locator attached on them.

The solution is simple:

Stand in the middle of any room. We recommend a room that is as close to the center of your home or apartment, as possible.

Make sure the circle on the Main Screen of your iPhone or Android is green and indicates a connection with the Find by Foxsmart Glasses Tracker. If you don’t have a connection go to other rooms and attempt to establish a connection until you see the green circle.

Hold your phone as close as possible to your chest and press “Smart Track” on the Find App by Foxsmart. A screen will appear, which tells you to stand in the center of the room, facing a wall or a window. It doesn’t really matter which you chose. The only important thing is to remember your start position.

The Find App by Foxsmart will now ask you to turn counterclockwise into each four cardinal directions and press the next button after each turn.

Please remember to hold your phone adjacent to your body.

When pressing next after you returned to your starting position, the Tracker Screen will display a Radar type image with one 45-degree direction marked in green. This green area is the direction in which your Find by Foxsmart Eyewear tracker is positioned.

If you press Smart Track again on the Radar screen a distance meter is displayed.

The colors on the distance meter indicate your distance from your Find by Foxsmart Eyewear locator. Blue means far away and red means very close.

Please remember to walk extremely slowly when using the distance meter. Results are updated every 3 seconds. Approach your target, again very slowly, to avoid passing by it accidentally.

As soon as you arrive in the red area you are less than 3 feet away from the location of your Find by Foxsmart.

If you still can’t locate your glasses, the only options left are either to start flipping objects to see if you can find them or sounding the Alarm with the Alarm button. But please, don’t wake up Grandpa!