What Is Find by Foxsmart?

Find by Foxsmart is tiny

With a size of only 28mm x 5mm FIND by Foxsmart is the smallest glasses finder on the market. With our special adhesive stripes, the FIND by Foxsmart Eyeglasses tracker is fitted on your eyewear frame. The FIND by Foxsmart Bluetooth Eyeglasses finder will not bother you in any way. The FIND by Foxsmart glasses locator is completely invisible to you or anyone else. The FIND by Foxsmart glasses tracker disappears on the inner side of the temple or behind your ear. FIND by Foxsmart suits any frame material.

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Product safety

The FIND by Foxsmart glasses finder uses user-friendly and safe Bluetooth technology. This is the same technology, which is used in Bluetooth earphones which enable hands free calling with our smartphones. CE (Europe) and FCC (U.S.) certification organizations found Find by Foxsmart completely safe.

Why is FIND by Foxsmart even safer then any common Bluetooth headset?

The FIND by Foxsmart lost glasses locator does not transmit data constantly. If you wear your glasses the transmit mode is in sleep mode.

FIND by Foxsmart only “awakens” when it is called by you. Only then, when you are looking for your eyewear, the FIND by Foxsmart Eyewear finder will transmit to your smartphone or to your smart button so there are virtually no radio emissions when you wear your Glasses.

Track your eyewear globally


Most people have their eyewear and their smartphone close to each other during the day. This fact makes it possible for the FIND by Foxsmart Glasses finder to keep track of each location in which the connection between your glasses and your smartphone is lost.

The good news for you is:

Wherever you leave your glasses behind, with the Find App by Foxsmart you are able to track your glasses everywhere on the planet.

FIND by Foxsmart is the ultimate answer to the questions: “where are my glasses” or “how do I not lose my glasses”.

In the vicinity of a home just press the “buzzer” button in the Find App by Foxsmart and your glasses will start to sound an acoustic signal that can be heard in anyone’s home, hotel room or office.

If you wish to find your Glasses without sounding the Alarm, you can also track your glasses without the acoustic signal by pressing the “smart search” button in FIND by Foxsmart’s app. The App will prompt you to take four signal samples with your Smartphone and, as a result, display the correct direction to your FIND by Foxsmart Eyeglasses locator. After you know into which direction to move, switch back to Smart Search again and a distance meter will be displayed. As soon as you reach the Red area of the meter you are in the immediate vicinity of your FIND by Foxsmart Glasses tracker which means that your FIND by Foxsmart is positioned within the reach of an Arm length.