If you’re like me and misplace your glasses somewhere in your apartment, especially when you’re in the middle of something; then hours later, completely forget where you put them. More often than not, they are right in front of you, but you still miss seeing them, but you still turn things over, run around and you don’t find them until the next day, at a time, when you don’t need them!

Better yet, you’re shopping and you take your glasses off just for a moment and forget to put them away. Unless you remember exactly where they are and not before you get home or half way there, then they are lost. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve left my glasses on the restaurant table, the public toilet sink, on the seat in a car, another bag or pocket of my jacket and by the time you realize they’re gone, there’s like 50 places in between they could potentially be.

The problem always happens when you’re in a rush and Murphy’s law steps in to tell you no, you’re not finding them today! Remembering when you’re in a rush is even worse, especially if you’re careless, or don’t have the best short term memory, but fret not, FIND by Foxsmart is here to save the day!

So what exactly is this FIND by Foxsmart? It’s a Bluetooth Eyewear locator combined with an App and is only 28mm x 5mm that sticks to your glasses and as you can tell, it’s quite small so it doesn’t get in the way.

Forget about clunky keychain trackers that are huge relative to your eyewear – FIND by Foxsmart fits snuggly on the inside on your frame and is only noticeable if you’re actually looking for it. The great part is that it’s perfect for any frame and not only safe, but very conservative on energy used.

The device does not transmit data constantly and if not called upon transmit mode, by default will be in sleep mode.

It enables only when you want to use it. At the point when you can’t find your glasses, the FIND by Foxsmart Eyeglasses tracker will transmit to your smartphone.

Keep in mind that no matter where you are in the world, you will always know where to look. No more backtracking and going step by step to all the places you when that day or week. What a waste of time! Tracking is one thing and not the best of FIND by Foxsmart.

Unlike other tracking devices or Apps, FIND by Foxsmart won’t just tell you the vicinity of your glasses. “Your glasses are within 100 meters” doesn’t really help, especially if there’s a market or a hundred businesses in that area. The FIND by Foxsmart device not only tells you the vicinity of your misplaced glasses, it will guide you to exactly where it is by one of two ways.

  1. Homing beacon that makes a high pitch audio sound. This is best if you know your glasses are nearby, but not exactly sure where. It sort of reminds me of the cordless phone locator when you misplaced your phone – when you press the phone locator button at the base of the cordless charging device and your phone starts beeping to tell you where it is.
  2. If sound is not appropriate at the time of locating your glasses (ie, in a quiet place, child sleeping, library or museum (you get my point) – just press the “smart search” button in the App. It’ll then ask you to turn into 4 directions with your phone held close to your chest. The result is quite astonishing: The Find App by Foxsmart tells in which direction your Glasses are located from where you are in that moment. After you start to walk into that direction a distance meter will indicate how far away your Glasses are from you. As soon as you enter the “red” area on the screen, you will know that you are less than one meter away.
    Impressive little piece of Swiss engineering, I’d say.

The tiny device + app retails for $39.95 and is super-small (making it a discreet add-on to anything you’re trying to find – doesn’t even have to be your glasses!). Place it in your wallet or use the free-included adaptor to attach it to your key/keychain, bicycle, electronic device, purse, dog, your kids! Anything! Forget about remembering! You can find whatever you want, instantly!

Once activated, the battery is consistently monitored so that you know it’s working and when it drops below 10%, the app will notify you that Find by Foxsmart  needs to be recharged and you’ll be good to go for another 30 days.