The Findy App – Find My Glasses App

The Best smartphone app to find glasses

Our engineers have worked night and day in order to provide you with the most convenient user experience of the FINDY App.

The App features basically only one main screen on which all the important functions are concentrated.

There is no fancy technical stuff.

Only what you really need.

Press the “buzzer” button to sound the beeper and find your glasses.

Press the “smart track” button in order to display the signal receipt meter to locate your eyewear without the buzzer, just in case there is someone sleeping near the place you have misplaced your glasses.

The App shows the current battery level at each active connection. This helps you to recharge your Findy unit when the battery level is low. A full recharge takes only 30 minutes of charging. The Findy unit can be charged while on the frame. The App also prompts you when the battery level goes below 10% so you will not be left without battery when you need your Findy to find your glasses.