Find by Foxsmart  – the glasses finder!

Find by Foxsmart helps you to find your glasses within seconds. The Find by Foxsmart  glasses finder App works with Android and IOS

  • Easily traceable: Longest range on the Market (up to 100 feet) through Bluetooth 5.1 standard
  • Always audible: Loudest buzzer alarm among Bluetooth trackers (90db)
  • Best usability: Extremely easy-to-use Smartphone App with only one active screen and large icons that can be seen without glasses
  • Track worldwide: Last known location function shows you the location of your glasses on Google Maps when left outside the Bluetooth range
  • Value for your money: One tracker to find them all: Each Find by Foxsmart packaging contains a free adaptor to fit the Find by Foxsmart Airtag to any other item you want to track (keys, bags, etc)

How Find by Foxsmart can help you save time and energy?

When the battery level of your FIND by Foxsmart device goes below 10 % your Find App by Foxsmart will prompt you to recharge your battery. FIND by Foxsmart is recharged with a standard USB charger cable, which is included.

Find by Foxsmart – the glasses locator

Each Find by Foxsmart glasses finder comes with a free adaptor. The Find by Foxsmart adaptor enables you to turn FIND by Foxsmart into a locator for any other item that you just can’t afford to lose or misplace. Unlike the Chipolo or AirTag, Find by Foxsmart is small and light enough to be used with eyeglasses.
Wo ist denn die Brille schon wieder

1 FIND by Foxsmart Device with Bluetooth Smart technology, includes:

  • 1 rechargeable battery
  • 1 electric buzzer unit
  • 1 Smartphone App to find glasses that fit for all Android and IOS devices, unlimited user license
  • 3x3M super strong double sided adhesive stripes, pre-cut to fit the FIND by Foxsmart shape
  • Free FIND by Foxsmart adaptor to turn it into a tag for keys, bags or anything else that you often lose or misplace

Counting how many times Find by Foxsmart has helped someone on the planet to find lost glasses.


I have lost subscription sunglasses twice this year. Each pair was over $400! The Find Eyeglass Tracker finally solved my problem. I had it attached with the adhesive tape within seconds to my new pair. Thanks for inventing this!
Mark S.
34, Baltimore, MD
My energetic 7 year old wears glasses and spends his days exploring our farm with his younger brothers. At least twice a week he returned without his glasses and the hunt began. Questions like ‘where did you leave your glasses?’ did not rank high on his priority list. We used to replace glasses at least every 4-5 months. The Find device was a god send and we are very happy to have it. Thank you so much!
Erin A.
Edmonton, Canada
My husband lost his reading glasses in, sometimes, unbelievable places. Finding them often took hours. The Find eyewear tracker for Eyewear was the perfect present for him. The Find Smartphone App is designed in a logical way. However, If you don’t get a connection at home, you know that the glasses are somewhere outside the house and in that case the last location function gives the exact address of where he has left his glasses behind. We are now using another Find tracker for my keys and now he can find my glasses es easily.
Erika F.
65, Bakersfield, CL
This is such a great and simple product. My 79 year old Mom suffers from Dementia and misplaces her glasses at least once per day. I just couldn’t take the constant searching for her glasses anymore so I have the Find App set up in my iPad and it works great around the house and garden. The only thing I need to do now to find my Mom’s eyeglasses is to hit the green button of the App to sound the alarm on her glasses. Simply clever!
Jennifer A.
39, Dumas, AR
I looked so many years for such a device to become available.
I have a Find eyeglasses tracker attached to the end of my frame temple, behind my ear and nobody ever noticed it’s there.
I don’t have to waste anymore time to find my glasses around the house. The App is very easy to use and I have my Eyewear located within seconds. Would highly recommend this for anyone who has lost Eyewear in the past.
Kathie B.
55, Jacksonville, FL

In the press

Mit diesen Erfindungen glänzt die Schweiz an der CES

Eine Türfalle, die sich selber desinfiziert, eine völlig neue Smartphone-Tastatur und ein Tracker, damit die Brille nie mehr verloren geht. Das sind die Schweizer Highlights an der grössten Messe für Unterhaltungselektronik der Welt.