Even if you don’t have a Find by Foxsmart Eyeglasses tracker, we are here to help!

This is the ultimate cheat sheet to help you find your glasses before you decide to purchase your first Find by Foxsmart.

The most common mistake and the reason a search for your lost eyewear may take hours is the fact that people try to remember where they have last worn their glasses before losing them. This seems to be logical but is fundamentally wrong and counterproductive.

The question is, not where you last wore your glasses but where you decided to take them off!

Sounds like heavy Sherlock Holmes psychology? Not at all!

Think about it. When you are looking for your misplaced eyewear it is only natural to think about the location in which you NEEDED your glasses, but that is not the place you want to start your search. You want to search in the place you decided that you didn’t need your eyeglasses anymore.

Let’s try to make this reasoning clearer with an example:

Imagine entering your living room and getting cozy while reading a magazine or watching your favorite TV show. Now is the time you need your glasses, but where are they? As you don’t see them in their usual place you start thinking where was the last time, I wore my glasses. All of sudden you remember that you last needed them to read the expiration date on that tasty Yoghurt in the Kitchen. Naturally, you go back to the Kitchen and start looking for your eyewear.

Think differently:

It might be an undeniable fact that you last wore your glasses in the Kitchen. But did you take them off in the Kitchen? It will do no harm to walk towards the Kitchen but on your way try to remember if you actually took off your glasses in the Kitchen. If you can’t answer that question with certainty, try to remember what you did next, after you read the expiration date on the Yoghurt.

This is the Moment in which Eureka often happens!

Did you still wear your glasses when you went from the kitchen to the bathroom to wash your hands and face? Or is it possible that you removed your glasses before washing your face? If your glasses are not in the kitchen and if they are not in the living room they are, if the above scenario is a realistic one, in the bathroom.

Another useful cheat is to use a Smartphone as a magnifier.

Open the camera of your phone and enlarge the camera’s resolution until you receive a convenient vicinity magnifier. This works because your phone camera displays a clear and crisp picture of whatever you’re looking at..

Now scan tables, sideboards, racks and bookshelves really slowly. It is very important to make slow movements with your camera since the resolution will adopt much slower than your regular eyesight.

Did you find them? Anyhow, that’s what we are here for!