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If you wear glasses, one thing you are familiar with is the panic when you cannot find them. At some point, everyone puts their glasses down and has no idea where they are. Many people spend way too much time searching for those misplaced glasses. But, if you have FIND by Foxsmart, your phone can do the hard work for you.

Keep your glasses in sight with Find by Foxsmart

Are you always looking for your glasses or keys? It happens to a lot of us. There are some trackers on the market, but they are quite large to use on glasses.

Gadget From CES 2021 - Find by Foxsmart

How many times have you misplaced your glasses and has to run around frantically trying to find them? This clever device attaches to your spectacles to help you track their location should you ever leave them behind, or even forget that they’re on top of your head or hanging around your neck.

Mit diesen Erfindungen glänzt die Schweiz an der CES

Eine Türfalle, die sich selber desinfiziert, eine völlig neue Smartphone-Tastatur und ein Tracker, damit die Brille nie mehr verloren geht. Das sind die Schweizer Highlights an der grössten Messe für Unterhaltungselektronik der Welt.

Find by Foxsmart, a Compact Eyeglass Finder, Debuts at CES 2021

This week at CES 2021 Foxsmart is debuting Find by Foxsmart, a small, lightweight Bluetooth eyeglass finder.

Find by Foxsmart помага да откриете загубените си очила

Швейцарската компания Foxsmart Systems демонстрира интересна джаджа по време на CES. Става дума за Find by Foxsmart, които са предназначени за монтиране върху очила, а целта е да можете да откриете очилата си когато бъдат забравени или изгубени. Това става чрез свързване на добавката към приложението Find by Foxsmart.

FINDY by Foxsmart Smart Glass Finder – New at CES2021

There is absolutely nothing worse than stumbling around looking for your glasses when you can barely see. It has to be among my top ten most frustrating situations to find myself in. However, I seem to find myself in this situation almost every single day. Sad, I know!

Thankfully, there’s an app for that. Meet FIND by Foxsmart.

swisstech CES2021 - Foxsmart Systems GmbH

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