Track your eyewear globally

Most people have their eyewear and their smartphone close to each other during the
day. This fact makes it possible for FIND by Foxsmart to keep track of each location in which the
connection between your glasses and your smartphone is lost. 

The good news for you is:
wherever you leave your glasses behind,
with the Find App by Foxsmart you are able to track your
glasses everywhere on the planet.

FIND by Foxsmart is the ultimate answer to the question: “where are my glasses”.
In the vicinity of a 
home just press the “buzzer” button in the Find App by Foxsmart and your glasses will start to sound an acoustic signal that can be heard in anyone’s home, hotel room or office. Just make sure you turn your stereo system down a tiny bit when looking for your glasses.

If you wish to test FIND by Foxsmart’s technology you can also track your glasses without the acoustic signal by pressing of the “smart search” button in FIND by Foxsmart’s app. The app will display a signal receipt meter that will guide you to your glasses according to the signal strength received from your glasses.