Peter Weisz, Founder & CEO

Peter was born in 1970 in Munich, Germany. He graduated from the Economics faculty of the LMU University in Munich with a Masters Degree in Economics.
After working for BMW, Peter worked as International Marketing Manager for Shem-Tov Optika, the largest ophtalmic lense wholeseller in Israel. Then he founded Ltd. A company that provided personlized and interactive fitness training plans for Internet users in 2000. The product was implemented by Yahoo! Germany. Later he founded WM Fahne 2006 GmbH, a company based in Zurich, Switzerland that introduced the carflag as fan merchandise to the German, Swiss, Austrian and UK markets during the 2006 FIFA world cup in Germany.
Peter worked 8 years for Nahrin AG, Switzerland as CEO of it’s daughter companies in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia and Latvia, leading them to a successful turnaround.
He speaks German, English, Hebrew, Hungarian and some Russian.
In his free time he likes to read, write, run, swim and play with his children.

Yaron Agami, R&D

Yaron was born in Rehovot, Israel at 1977, He is a graduate of the Azrieli College of Engeeniring in Jerusalem, Israel and the Holon institute of technology in Holon, Israel.
He served in a IDF intelligence unit and worked in R&D labs as engineering assistant and did technical support for Internet infrastructure and computer networks.
Yaron also was a Security Team leader and Instructor in the Ben Gurion airport with excellencey honor. His last position was System design engineer on a portable cellincubator project with Tekfix in Jerusalem.Yaron speaks English, German and Hebrew. In his free time he swims, travels and expands his HO Mini-trains trails.

David Fabian Rubli, Mechanical Engg. Advisor

Born 1979 in Zurich, Switzerland.
He studied Mechanical Design Engineering in the field of fine mechanics at the headquarters of Mettler-Toledo AG in Switzerland (leading manufacturer of scalesanalytical instruments).
After that he worked more than 12 years as mechanical design engineer, mechanical engineer and CTO Assistant in the R&D and Engineering of Pressure Sensors with CAN electronics; Solar Optics and Pump Systems for Micro Algae; LED Optics for Street Lamps; Heliostats, Receiver Tower and Heat Chambers for Solar Power Generation.
Besides his R&D/Engineering knowledge, his a master in CAD with “SolidWorks” and
a “Product Data Management” specialist. He speaks German, English and Hebrew.

Jean Bär, Optometrist

Jean was born in 1962 in Strasbourgh, France. He is a graduate of the Optometrist College in Tel Aviv, Israel and works as an Optometrist and Optician for 32 years.
He is the owner of the Optical Store Ro’im Bamoshava in Jerusalem.
Jean speaks French, English, German and Hebrew. In his free time he runs Marathons

Michael Hasibo, Application Development

Michael was born in Novosibirsk, Russia in 1982.
He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication & Media from the Netanya Academic College and is an alumnus of the Hyperactive College of Mobile application development.
Michael served in the IDF Maintenance Force. After his army service, he worked at “S.T.I” as Webmaster and Quality Assurance Manager.
Before joining Foxsmart he programmed and published several Mobile applications.
Michael speaks Hebrew , Russian and English.
In his free time he likes to play chess, playing the guitar and travels

Tom Doukas, Firmware – Embedded

Tom was born in Levadia, Greece in 1978. He holds a BSc, MSc and a PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Patras, Greece with an expertise into Wireless Communications and Embedded Programming.
He is the author of 20 papers in his field both in conferences and journals with more than 100 citations. The algorithms developed into his PhD are protected through a US patent.
The last 10 years, he has been working into the wireless communications industry developing innovative systems for a plethora of wireless protocols ranging from 802.11a and 802.11ac to Bluetooth and Zigbee. For these systems, he has developed firmware that spans from initial booting sequences and connection procedures, to novel connectivity algorithms.
Tom speaks Greek, English and German. In his free time he likes to travel and being fascinated by new people and cultures.

Itai Pasternak, MD

Itai Pasternak, MD
is a surgeon, accredited by the Swiss Medical Board. After successfully completing his study of human medicine at the University of Zurich he wrote his thesis dealing with preoperative diagnosis of liver tumors. He got his surgical training in different public hospitals, amongst them a large city hospital in Zurich, the canton hospital in Lucerne and the canton hospital in Aarau. His fields of expertise include traumatology, hand surgery, microsurgery and minimally invasive surgery. Itai has published numerous original articles in peer reviewed medical journals dealing with variant subjects relevant to the surgical community.
He lives in Zurich with his wife and children. He speaks English, Spanish, Hebrew and German.