Find by Foxsmart Sunglasses Tracker


The Find by Foxsmart for Sunglasses is the smallest glasses locator on the market. The tiny Sunglasses finder disappears on the inner side of the temple or on the temple tip behind your ear, unnoticeable for you and anyone else.

Sunglasses Find by Foxsmart has a special communication protocol, which grants an extended Bluetooth range as well as a higher capacity of the App’s Last Location function.

As Sunglasses are mostly lost outdoors the last location function in the Sunglasses Find by Foxsmart attempts connections to your Smartphone more often (every 5 seconds) than the regular Find by Foxsmart. This higher connection interval ensures that your Find App by Foxsmart will capture each position of your Sunglasses in the Memory of your Smartphone. As a result, you are able to capture the location of your Sunglasses in the highest possible resolution.

For example: If you lose your Sunglasses on a public beach, the App will show you the exact location of your Eyewear in a resolution of up to 2 square meters.

Sunglasses Find by Foxsmart has a more sensitive Glasses Finder function with which you are able to locate your lost Sunglasses even in very nosy places, without sounding the Find by Foxsmart Alarm. The Sunglasses Find by Foxsmart is available in black or transparent.




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