Find by Foxsmart Glasses Finder


Find by Foxsmart is the smallest glasses finder in the world. The Find by Foxsmart Glasses Locator is available in black and transparent so it can disappear on the inner side of your temple or at the end of the temple behind your ear.

Find your glasses anywhere in the world with Find by Foxsmart ‘s last location function or make your glasses beep in the vicinity of your home. One tracker to find them all: With the included Find by Foxsmart Adaptor it turns into a tiny Bluetooth tracker for all other items you just cannot afford to lose.



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  • 1 FIND by Foxsmart Device with Bluetooth Smart technology, includes:
  • 1 rechargeable battery
  • 1 electric buzzer unit
  • 1 Smartphone App fit for all Android and IOS devices, unlimited User license
  • Free Find  by Foxsmart Adapter to turn Find by Foxsmart into a tracker for keys, bags or anything else that you often loose or misplace


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Weight 0.019 lbs
Dimensions 1.06 × 0.19 in
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